• Who can join YEAH? 

    Christian families in SC or NC that legally homeschool one or more children in grades Kindergarten-12th grade. Younger siblings may register and participate along with a school age homeschooled sibling. YEAH is not open to public or private school students that do school at home, as they are not considered legal homeschoolers under SC/NC law. Are you unsure if you are a legal homeschooler? Check-out the government homeschool website for your state below. 
               SC - SC Department of Education 
               NC - DOA's Division of Non-Public Education

  • What does YEAH consider a Christian family?

    Members of YEAH believe our Statement of Faith and Belief and are raising their children in accordance with these beliefs. 

  • What is the cost to join YEAH?
  • A non-refundable fee of $45.00 for the 2023–2024 membership year.

  • Should I pay the membership fee when I submit my membership request?

    Yes, you can pay for your membership as soon as you register. There is a payment link provided at the end of the registration form.

  • How long will it take to approve my YEAH membership request?

    Please allow 5 business days for the YEAH membership coordinator to process your request. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • How can I pay my YEAH membership dues?

    When you complete the YEAH registration form on our website, you will be directed to a payment link to pay online.

  • Is YEAH a 3rd Option Accountability Group?

    York Education at Home (YEAH) is NOT a 3rd Option Accountability Group. YEAH is Christian homeschool support group. We offer field trips, outings, student council, volunteer opportunities, and access to co-op classes. YEAH’s mission is to advocate for Christian home education by providing opportunities to connect with likeminded families.

  • Is YEAH a homeschool co-op?

    No, YEAH is a support group. We offer an optional homeschool co-op to YEAH members. Registering for YEAH does not automatically register you for co-op. When you are approved for YEAH membership your welcome email will have your link to co-op registration as well as other member details. Find out more about co-op on our Homeschool Co-Op Info page.

  • What are YEAH dues used for?

    YEAH dues are primarily used to cover facility costs, operation expenses, the cost of events, and the YEAH website. We seek to maintain transparency regarding the stewardship of our resources. We are financially accountable to God and our members.

  • I have a question about YEAH? Who do I contact? 

    You may contact our Membership Coordinator Amy Goins - YEAHMembershipCoordinator@gmail.com. Amy will be able to answer all of you questions about membership. Once you are a member of YEAH, you can ask questions through our private email group or our private Facebook group. YEAH does not have a dedicated phone number.

  • Is YEAH a non-profit organization?

    Yes! YEAH became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2022. As such, certain financial donations and donations of goods or services have the potential to be tax deductible. Always seek the advice of a tax professional when determining if your donations meet the requirements to be tax deductible.