YEAH Waiver of Liability

York Education at Home is an Evangelical Christian Homeschool Support Group, also known at YEAH. YEAH will not be held liable for personal injury, damage to property, or expenses of any nature that may be incurred by any participant or member of any YEAH sponsored activity, class or event.  Nor shall any host of said activity, class or event be held liable. Curriculum advice or educational counsel that may be given, must be received as free advice and therefore is non-professional, and of personal opinion only. Parents and/or Legal Guardians will retain all responsibility for any and all educational choices that they make for their children. All Parents and/or Legal Guardians will assume all risk of personal injury, sickness, damage and expense of any kind caused by their children or themselves at all YEAH functions. 

All members of YEAH are required to agree to and sign this Waiver of Liability as part of their application process.