Volunteer Contacts

York Education at Home is run by a great team of members who volunteer their time to make YEAH a reality. These volunteers are homeschool parents just like you. If you have questions about a specific area of YEAH, we ask that you email the volunteer leader responsible for that area. 

Board of Directors:  The YEAH Board of Directors meet monthly. Additional details about their roll can be found in our organizations Bylaws and Guidelines. 

President    Cheryl emailyeahsc@gmail.com

Secretary    Sarah R.

Treasurer    Kara yeahtreasurer@gmail.com

Membership Coordinator/Google Groups Moderator

Amy, yeahmembershipcoordinator@gmail.com 

Co-op coordinators    

Ashley (Fall) and Jennifer (Spring), yeahcooperative@gmail.com 

Dad’s Night Out Coordinator

Volunteer needed

Facebook Moderators

Board of Directors & Membership Coordinator (see above contact info)

Field Trip Coordinator


Hospitality Coordinator

Cheryl, yeahhospitality@gmail.com

Library Appreciation Week Volunteer (3rd week in April)

Sara S.

Mom’s Night Out Coordinator

Presidential Volunteer Service Award Coordinator

Sarah K.

Student Council Coordinator

Amy, yeahstuco@gmail.com

Liaison to Bookkeeper

Lori, yeahbookkeeper@gmail.com


Tyler and Ashley, yeahcooperative@gmail.com

Yearbook Coordinator

Sarah K., yeahyearbookteam@gmail.com