Co-op Info

YEAH Co-op is a Christian-based enrichment co-op open to YEAH members only. Co-op meets during the school year (Aug-May). There are two 12-week semesters (24 weeks total). YEAH Co-op includes announcement time, two one-hour class times, and an optional social time after the official end of classes.

YEAH Co-op is organized and led by parent volunteers. Each and every parent serves an important role and is vital to make things run smoothly. We are excited each year/semester to offer a variety of classes utilizing our parents' talents/passions. We ask that all parents commit to 1 hour of service each week in one of our volunteer roles (teacher, teacher’s assistant, cleaning crew, etc.). Co-op is not a replacement for parents teaching at home. It is meant to enhance or supplement what is being studied at home.

Once you become a member of YEAH, we will send you an email with more information about our co-op and the registration process. Current members of YEAH will receive updates via email when it is time to register for Co-op before the fall and winter semesters.

Dates and Facility Information

Co-op will be held on Fridays from 9:30 A.M. - 11:50 A.M. at the facilities of Hope Fellowship Church located at 95 Bird St. Rock Hill, SC 29730. 

Co-op dates for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows. 1st Semester runs from August 26 - November 11, 2022. 2nd Semester runs from February 10 - May 5, 2023 (No Co-op April 7 for Good Friday/Easter).

Co-op Schedule

9:50-10:45 A.M. 1ST HOUR CLASS

Your child or family may sign up for show and tell to share a project that they have worked on, share a talent/skill, etc. You may sign up each semester by speaking to the director. 

Children will be in classes with their peers. Classes will have one teacher and a minimum of one assistant per room. 1st hour classes will change every 4 weeks. These classes will be explained in more detail after you register. Some students will be able to choose from more than one option for their 1st hour class.

The facility offers picnic tables and a grassy area for lunch after co-op. This is an optional time for families to have fellowship as weather permits.

Co-op Classes

Co-op classes are offered for children age 3 through 12th grade. Preschoolers must be potty-trained to attend class. Childcare is provided for age 2 and under. Parents and students help choose which classes are offered each year. Past classes include - Decades (dressing up and learning about different decades), Recorder (learning songs and playing the instrument), Knights, Mad Libs and Writing, P.E., Drama, Survival Skills, Biology Labs, Bridges, Spanish, Archeology, Art/Crafts, Insects, Ornithology, Hand Painting, Natural Disasters, Government, Pinewood Derby, Deep Sea Fish, etc

Volunteer Responsibilities

We are a volunteer run Co-op. Every family must have a parent/guardian volunteer. Most volunteers are engaged in the classroom as a teacher or assistant. First hour classes are 4 weeks long with a total of 3 classes per semester (3 rotations). Second hour classes span the entire 12 weeks. The hour you are not serving, we ask that you stay on the premises. The building will lock at 9 a.m. for safety reasons. You will not be able to re-enter without a director. There will be space available for parents during their free hour. Parents may not enter classes in which they are not volunteering.

Student Responsibilities

We ask that students be respectful to those around them. Co-op follows the code of conduct listed on the YEAH website. Please read the code of conduct with your children. We hope that Co-op will be an environment that lovingly admonishes our brothers and sisters in Christ to become more Christ like and to reflect that likeness in the way that we treat one another. Students will have opportunities to visit with friends, but we ask that they are respectful during class time and announcements, and that they limit talking according to the teacher’s direction.

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Our Co-op is lead by a team. Questions can be directed to