There is more to YEAH than co-op!

One of our biggest and best loved YEAH activities is our Co-op enrichment program. It has grown to be so popular that when many of you think of YEAH, you automatically think of co-op. It has become so synonymous that many of our members don't know the difference. But there is more to YEAH than Co-op!

YEAH is a Christian homeschool support group with many different activities and events. Co-op is just one of them. Even if you don't register for Co-op you can still attend membership meetings, compete in field day, give a presentation at the learning fair, join student council, take a date to prom, and graduate from kindergarten or high school. So the next time someone asks about YEAH, remember to tell them that there is more to YEAH than Co-op!

Check out our Membership Benefits page for more details.